Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lil Red Update

The book is coming along quite well. We're at the point where there's light at then end of the tunnel and we just have to sprint towards it and finish strong!

It's been a fascinating, challenging, yet rewarding experience. Not only thinking about illustrating, but how those illustrations can be manipulated, tapped, swiped, and more has been a great challenge. Luckily, I've been working with a pretty stellar team of equally ambitious folks.

Here's another "sneak peek" of a pivotal moment for our characters, Lil Red and Coyote. 

As far as style, we decided to do something that mimicked a western watercolor feel. It's similar, and has a lot of the principles of western watercolor sketches, but is distinctly digital. Each illustration was painting in photoshop after much pre-planning on post-its, in sketchbooks, on napkins, etc.

I tend to dive into a project headfirst and am constantly thinking about ways to improve it, so I doodle notes all over everything. I'll be making a longer post about my process in the future.

Really looking forward to our next round of testing! 

After that, we expect to have it available for digital download in a matter of weeks! (Ahhh! So close!)

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  1. I love your work! Not sure how I found your stuff online, but was super surprised to see you are in the bay area (my home!). I also took a class at Animation Collaborative so I enjoyed seeing your posts on what you created while you were there. I miss the school so much! Great to see that your art is taking you places. Hope to someday be able to draw as awesome as you! You should post more often!