Story Portfolio

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(Storyboards, Characters say 'goodbye' | ©Walt Disney Animation Studios 2018)

My Three Chickadees
(a personal comic)

Princess Maeve's Short Story
(Beatboards based on Maeve Andrews' original story)

My Lost Boy
(Story Explorations & Beatboards)

Lil' Red and the Hungry Coyote
(Based on my interactive storybook Lil Red and the Lazy Coyote)

Brutus vs The Black Gate of Death
(storyboards from script pages by Mark Andrews)

Aesop's Fable: The Horse and the Donkey

(a personal comic)

A Hairy Situation
(a personal comic)

Toad Hunters
(Personal Story)

Through the Ages
(a snapshot of younger Alishea Gibson)

My Storyboarding Process
(personal comic)

© Alishea Gibson 2018

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