The Whimsical Adventures of Millie & Loo (Download the interactive iOS app!

When Little Miss Millie finds herself alone on her birthday, a dapper new friend appears! Join Millie and Loo as they discover that with a bit of imagination, adventure is never too far away. 

Written and illustrated by myself and Matt Doering.
With this perfect bound, 8" x 8" softcover BearBoat book you get 34 full color pages of imaginative and engaging art and easy-to-read story! Officially for ages 4-7, but let's be honest, grown-ups like it too. 
View the whole book on YouTube:

Lil' Red and the Lazy Coyote (download iPad app in iTunes)
Lil' Red and the Lazy Coyote is an interactive animated storybook. It's like a book, but better! Readers can enjoy the story with or without narration, and play with interactive characters and sound. 

Once upon a time in the Southwest Desert, there was a lazy, scraggly coyote who was always hungry. On one especially hot, I mean a real sweat-your-tootsies-off kind of day, Coyote encounters the rough, spunky Lil' Red, her kooky, gunslinger grandmother and a whole heap of delicious smelling food.

Have an adventure in the wild west with Lil' Red and the Lazy Coyote. Happy reading!
This is a BearBoat Studios product. Find out more about BearBoat at:

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