Thursday, August 18, 2016

Auntie Claus

Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to design for a feature film project by Athena Studios titled Auntie Clausbased off original story by Elise Primavera. Below is a selection of my work.

A very early idea I pitched about how mail gets to the North Pole and the styling of animals.

Mr. Pudding is the head elf at the North Pole and Auntie Claus's right hand. I had fun designing for his uptight, law enforcing hall monitor type character.

This character was the villain of the story, Ted.  
Don't be fooled by his jolly exterior, there's darkness just underneath the surface.

The Yule Lads are a ragtag group of Icelandic trolls who wreak havoc on the North Pole and help the main villain carrying out his schemes. They lie, cheat and steal and have a blast doing it.