Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar."

©Alishea Gibson 2011
I am posting my progression of the longest painting I've done this year. Even though it took me only about a week to complete, the amount of hours I toiled over it was ridiculous. All I can say is......Thank God for Deadlines! I could probably meticulously work on this piece for another week if it wasn't due for a critique first thing in the a.m.

I've learned so much from this one painting:
1. Skin sucks to paint when you don't know what the f* you're doing. (A Big thanks to my instructor for hooking me up with another painter whose specialty was portraiture. Amazing what a 15min conversation and portfolio flip through can do for you!)
2. Smoke isn't as scary as I thought it'd be. Good reference, really-watery-thin paint and a few layer later, viola! Cigar smoke!
3. Coffee splashes or liquid in general can be really fun. Props to shutterstock for pulling up some awesome reference footage to see how real liquid looks when the cup is jumping from a pounding fist on the table!
4. Color color color!

My idea in taking on this project was to study color, and expression and how it effects mood and visa versa. As you can see, I ended up learning so much more! Above are my color studies for the liquid. I wasn't sure coffee was going to look right so I experimented in PS with the other colors from the painting. turns out my first instinct was right all along.

Here's the final piece. The colors are only slightly off due to poor lighting while shooting it, but doesn't everything look better in person? (okay, maybe not everything...but certainly this does!)

Done in a mix of acrylic, watercolor & colored pencil. It was interesting inter mixing the two painting mediums because they behave differently but turned out great.

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