Friday, December 9, 2011

Spare a Square

Finals come way too soon! Argh! would've liked another week to fix the last few bugs in it, but feel accomplished as it's my first maya animation and done in less than 3 months.

Big thank you to the crew! Juan, Sarat & Sol! And the music by Kevin Macleod. And another big thanks to the UCBUGG [University of California, Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group] Facilitators that helped us: Philip Ly, Ben Wu & Janel Drew! Already started developing my next project! Woot! Woot!

See a little bit of development.
Click here.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Art Project

The assignment was appropriation. I appropriated Gary Larson's Far Side Cartoon.

The idea was to entirely transform this space in the stairwell in the art building. I wanted the class to be able to walk into a Far Side Cartoon and be able to interact with the elements. Everything is cut out of paper as a link to the original cartoon which had been cut out and magneted to the fridge in my childhood home. You can't tell really from a photo but as the sun went down it hit the paint in the window and blasted this yellow orange color throughout the several floors. It was unintentionally fantastic and added whole additional level to the installation. I really wanted to get a photo of the sunset and someone talking on the phone just like in the cartoon, but the Art Department's administration had a mini panic attack:

Someone did an Art 8 project, painting the windows and putting up some stuff on the walls, etc. Which of your students did this?
Thanks. It has to come down, and windows must be cleaned.
Robert Lewis
Office Coordinator
Department of Art Practice
UC Berkeley
p: 510.642.2582
f: 510.643.0884

I am certain that window's never been so clean in it's existence than it is now. And I thought I'd let someone else toss or "appropriate" the rest of it:

The following class day, our instructor called in, so the department head substituted. The man's already intimidating since he's the instructor's boss, but he marches in and immediately asks, "Who painted the window?" Ha! Every student in the class knew it was me but they all looked just as guilty as I was. Finally, one big eyed, timid freshman pointed to me...
"There's no painted window that I know of." Deniability. Yep. Will he buy it?
"Everyone's in a.." he flourishes his hands around. .."about someone painting the windows."
"There's no window painted." Deniability = confusion. Technically, I wasn't lying because the night before I had been in that damn stairwell with a bucket of suds, a dustpan and a spatula scraping that cheap-crap-6-year-old-Walmart-paint off the now sparkling window.
"What about the other stuff? Is that where the pink phone is?" Still confused, but coming around.
"Yes, sir. It can be thrown away, but everything is detached from the infrastructure like the email said to.
"Well, okay then." Win.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Headless Horseman

©Alishea Gibson 2011
Do Not Use Without permission.
I actually finished this about a month ago, getting into the Halloween spirit as you can see. The project was to find and use different materials as things to paint with, on and glue. I used everything from red dirt to soy sauce, rubbing alcohol to colored pencils, clear nail polish to splenda and a bunch of different papers. It turned out better than I expected. The only thing I'd change is the horse. I think I got carried away with the purple, it's too vibrant. My classmates, were too sweet to say so, but I think I'm my own worst critic.
Below are some more close ups:

Also, I walk daily by a cafe with a chalkboard in the window. And after I had finished this piece and was walking home with it, I noticed they had changed their sign to promote their pumpkin latte...with the exact matching headless horseman to the paper sculpt under my arm. It was cool and at the same time, like am I being watched?! Or was it a coincidence? Oddly interesting.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Netflix has the old black & white tv episodes of the Addams family. Win! Haha.

Ink on pastel paper

Friday, September 30, 2011

Irrational Fears

©Alishea Gibson 2011
Some fears are irrational. Even though we know they are irrational, we still feel like running for our lives in the face of it.

Thought I'd try using patterns for a change. Pretty fun.
( p.s. I don't own the copyrights to the patterns! )

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spare a Square UCBUGG

©Alishea Gibson 2011
New character designs & turnarounds for characters in a new project that I am working on! (If you haven't notice, it's monster themed! Yay!)

See the film on youtube or my blog. Click here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My movie has been allowed to be voted for!!!!
Go vote and help me win 5,000!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar."

©Alishea Gibson 2011
I am posting my progression of the longest painting I've done this year. Even though it took me only about a week to complete, the amount of hours I toiled over it was ridiculous. All I can say is......Thank God for Deadlines! I could probably meticulously work on this piece for another week if it wasn't due for a critique first thing in the a.m.

I've learned so much from this one painting:
1. Skin sucks to paint when you don't know what the f* you're doing. (A Big thanks to my instructor for hooking me up with another painter whose specialty was portraiture. Amazing what a 15min conversation and portfolio flip through can do for you!)
2. Smoke isn't as scary as I thought it'd be. Good reference, really-watery-thin paint and a few layer later, viola! Cigar smoke!
3. Coffee splashes or liquid in general can be really fun. Props to shutterstock for pulling up some awesome reference footage to see how real liquid looks when the cup is jumping from a pounding fist on the table!
4. Color color color!

My idea in taking on this project was to study color, and expression and how it effects mood and visa versa. As you can see, I ended up learning so much more! Above are my color studies for the liquid. I wasn't sure coffee was going to look right so I experimented in PS with the other colors from the painting. turns out my first instinct was right all along.

Here's the final piece. The colors are only slightly off due to poor lighting while shooting it, but doesn't everything look better in person? (okay, maybe not everything...but certainly this does!)

Done in a mix of acrylic, watercolor & colored pencil. It was interesting inter mixing the two painting mediums because they behave differently but turned out great.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Women's Initiative

A friend of mine asked if I could help with a speaker series with artists who share their experience as a working artist. Here's the video of the interview on my creative life. looking back, I've done so many creative things that I can't get all of it into a 15min spiel!

In the interview I talked about a few ways to improve yourself as a creative person.
1. Keep sketchbook or journal in your purse/pocket and by your bedside. Inspiration comes from everywhere, anytime, any day. Never lose a good idea bc you didn't jot it down!
2.Get educated...Never stop learning & improving! You can only benefit from it. Books, blogs, other artists, online tuutorials, workshops or classes, will all help tremendously.
3. Confidence. Put yourself out there and defend your work by standing by it and charging what it's really worth and stick to it. You know you & your work better than anyone so don't be bashful.
4. Meet people. Join groups that do the same things you do. Be open, be honest and be yourself. It's not always easy, especially if you tend to be more shy like me, but it's worth it.

I have to work on these things everyday. And everyday I grow a little more. I hope you do too.

Links for different things I've talked about here:

1. Author of Eat.Pray.Love. discusses creativity. It's inspiring regardless if you like her work or not. (link)

2. Blogs: Since I'm focused on animation & illustration my top 5 blogs are:
Cartoon Brew - Animation News
Brittney Lee - Paper sculptor, Walt Disney Artist
John K Stuff - wealth of animation knowledge & opinions
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - from Oakland, Ca watercolor fantasy artist
The Animation Guild - Good to read about the business side of things
ASIFA, and various animation schools also have blogs. I've also come across a lot of fantastic photography, interior design and crafty blogs. Search for it & you'll find it.

3. Groups:
BAHA - Berkeley After Hours Animation Group
SketchCrawl - Worldwide artists get together, meet other artists in the area and sketch their hearts out for a day. Awesomeness. Next marathon is Oct 15th!
Girls Drawing Girls - Women Animation Artist Club
There are also online communities like Illustration Friday, Children's Illustrators on DA, etc.
Also, most counties have artists councils or foundations for local artist collaborative groups and local community colleges have a plethora of clubs.

I wish everyone of you the best of luck!
You can comment below or email if you would like to know more.
Keep creating!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

resisting pollock

a little frustration gave me this idea. Thinking about making it a large painting.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Fetch a Snowman

This animated film explores the relationship between the abonible snowman, who wants nothing more than to play fetch, and a workaholic eskimo gathering sticks for firewood.

Done using construction paper, scissors, Adobe photoshop, Garageband and iMovie.

To Fetch a Snowman was made in 3 days for the Campus Movie Fest held at University of California, Berkeley.
The screening for films that are part of this festival will be held on September 23rd, 2011 at Wheeler Auditorium on the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, Ca.

Vote for my film here:

Bad video links are worse than meatbees.

To Fetch A Snowman :: Campus MovieFest

Next time I do a film, I'll try and save enough time to add a making of.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sasquatch in San Francisco

©Alishea Gibson 2011
If I found a friendly Sasquatch, we do fun things like this.
Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What happens when I don't have my sketchbook

Done while camping. It must be an innate thing for men that anytime there's a big truck they have to go and drink beer and talk about man stuff by it. haha

©Alishea Gibson 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Characters Sketchbook Dump

All images are © Alishea Gibson 2011
Do Not Use Without Permission.

A buffet of chefs. I like the cowboy, I can see him starring in a western-Clint-Eastwood_Top-Chef-Spoof, and thought the idea of "how fresh is too fresh?" would be fun to play with. Might do a "Nubb's Roadkill Cafe" illustration. ha. Check out my finished illustration of a tough chef here.

Random ideas from the outerspace wagon to waitresses to little indians and pilgrims.

Always nice to get out for some sunshine and sketching locals.

Different types of Kings...had to throw a version of the "king of rock & roll!" Possibly my favorite of the bunch.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snow Throw Animation

I animated The Snow Throw with pencil, ink, watercolor and adobe photoshop.
I jumped at the chance to bring life to a little mischievous bear.

©Alishea Gibson 2011

Do Not Use Without Permission

Help Wanted: Must Love Cats.

"Help Wanted: Must love cats."
Was the ad poor Fredrico Froud had replied to.
"I love cats, said he. Hire me and I won't disappoint you."
Hired and equipped with the tools of the trade, they tossed Fredrico right in.
But now all he could do was cower with a sheepish grin.

© Alishea Gibson 2011

Do Not Use Without Permission

Painted in Adobe Photoshop CS4

Below is the Work in Progress Video:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wee Drunk Mouse by Alishea Gibson

©Alishea Gibson 2011 Do not post without permission.

Well, this was my final 2D animation for my Animation Principles class. Last night I had the honor of having Frank Gladstone, animator for DW/WD/Aardman/and more, take a look at it and tear me a new one. God bless him and his no-bones-about-it-way of giving it to you straight. I had Marco Merenghi of Sony Image Works review it and I did what he said before I turned it in. But Frank was, well, frank about how much more I should do to it. Best advice is always the hardest to hear. But now, i have a handful of ways to push this little mouse to the limits of his drunken film!
A big thanks to Frank Gladstone, Marco Merenghi and the for connecting us. I'll repost the revised version soon as I finish.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini Paintings!

©Alishea Gibson 2011 Do not use content without permission.

Once upon a time there was a great sale on 4x4 canvases and an artsy shopper wandered in the door, lured by the exuberant sale sign...and uncontrollably her shopping basket filled with mini canvases that one day would become:

I like this one. I didn't rush it too much.

bright orange sun settling into the distant horizon.

epic fail above and below. haha sometimes you're a genius, sometimes you're lazy.

Possibly my favorite of this bunch. I always liked silhouetted sunsets, I mean who doesn't? but the Golden Gate suspension bridge was fun & made me really focus on what I was doing.